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Music VS Past Simple & Present Perfect


I Objectives

1) Review past simple tense and present perfect tense.

2) Help students to master the differences between the two tenses.

3) By listening to music strengthen the main points

II Teaching Method

  Mix entertainment with boring grammar learning.

III Teaching Aids

  Blackboard, computer and projection.

III Teaching Procedures

Step 1 Lead in

    Greetings and listen to music to lead in the lesson.

Step 2 Review Past Simple

1) Listen to a part of YESTERDAY ONCE MORE; fill in the blanks with past simple

    2) Explain the tense rules.

    3) Exercises.

Step 3 Review Present Perfect

1) Listen to a part of We Are the Champions and find out the Have/ has done

2) Introduce the main form and the rules.

3) Give two fixed patterns.

4) Exercises.

Step 4 Differences between the two tenses.

Step 5 Listen to a part of Never Had a Dream Come True and fill in the blanks with the two tenses.                 

Step 6 Exercises

      Translate the Chinese songs into English



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